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Chemical Reagent 4′ -Hydroxyvalerophenone Phenols Powder CAS 2589-71-1 Organic Reagent
  • Product Description:Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Product Name   : 4-Hydroxyvalerophenone    

    CAS No.   : 2589-71-1    

    MF :   C11H14O2    

    MW   : 178.23    

    EINECS No.   : 219-978-7    

    Synonmys  :  1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-pentanon;1-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-1-pentanone;p-Valerylphenol;Valerophenone, 4'-hydroxy-;P-HYDROXYVALEROPHENONE;4'-HYDROXYPENTANOPHENONE;4'-HYDROXYVALEROPHENONE;4-HYDROXYVALEROPHENONE    

    Package    1kg/bottle or bag
    25kgs/drum or bag

    shipment    within 5 days after payment done
    Shipping by Fedex ,DHL ,EMS or TNT    

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