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Glutaraldehyde 50% CAS 111-30-8 Industrial Grade
  • Product Description:Name Glutaraldehyde cas 111-30-8 MF C5H8O2 EINECS 203-856-5 Brand SENYI purity 99%min
  • Product Details:

    Glutaraldehyde cas 111-30-8

    Product Name glutaraldehyde

    Cas No. 111-30-8

    Synonyms 1,5-pentanedial;1,3,5-tricarbomethoxypentane;Pentanedial;glutaric dialdehyde;Glutaric acid dialdehyde

    Density 0.9±0.1 g/cm3

    Boiling Point 189.0±13.0 °C at 760 mmHg

    Melting Point -15 °C

    Molecular Formula C5H8O2

    Molecular Weight 100.116

    Flash Point 66.0±16.8 °C

    Exact Mass 100.052429

    PSA 34.14000

    LogP -0.34

    Vapour Pressure 0.6±0.4 mmHg at 25°C

    Index of Refraction 1.399

    Water Solubility miscible



    Glutaraldehyde a colorless, clear, oily liquid with a pungent odor, dissolved in hot water. Used as a fungicide and also in leather tanning. It has a strong irritating effect on the eyes, skin and mucous membranes.




    1.Disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments

    2% glutaraldehyde (alkaline, acidic, neutral) can be used for disinfection and sterilization of various medical devices that are not afraid of moisture. At room temperature, clean and dry instruments can be completely immersed in glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 30 minutes can reach disinfection more than 10 hours can reach sterilization.


    2.Disinfection and sterilization of endoscope

    Glutaraldehyde is the first choice for endoscopic disinfection




    1.Sterilization: only soak method.

    The cleaned and dried articles to be sterilized are immersed in 2% glutaraldehyde solution, capped, soaked for 10h, removed in aseptic operation, washed clean with sterilized water, dried in aseptic procedure for backup, and used for alkaline glutaraldehyde for 14 days. Disinfection treatment: soak.

    Soak the disinfected item in a 2% glutaraldehyde solution and cover it

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