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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Powder CAS 151-21-3
  • Product Description:Product Name: Sodium dodecyl sulfate CAS: 151-21-3 MF: C12H25NaO4S MW: 288.38 EINECS: 205-788-1
  • Product Details:

    Product Name  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

    Appearance  White Powder

    CAS  151-21-3

    Grade Standard   Medicine grade

    Purity:     99%





    Widely use following industries


    1).Detergent : toothpaste,shampoo,cosmetic ,bath,washing agent


    2).Leather : Leather soft agent,wool cleaning agent


    3).Papermaking : penetrant,flocculating agent,deinking agent


    4).Construction :plasterboard,additive of concrete,coating


    5).Resin Making : PVC paste resin,ABR resin


    6).Rubber latex,electrolyzation of MnO2


    7).Fire Fighting : oil well fire fighting,fire fighting device


    8).Mineral Choosing : mine flotation,coal water mixture


    9).Auxiliaries : texitile,dyeing,plastic,print


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