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Sodium dichloroisocyanurate CAS: 2893-78-9
  • Product Description:used cleansing agent and disinfectant
  • Sodium dichloroisocyanurate CAS: 2893-78-9

    Product Description 

    Chemical Name: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate

    Synonyms: SDIC

    CAS NO.: 2893-78-9

    Purity: 99%

    Appearance: White crystilline powder

    Application: Used cleansing agent and disinfectant

    Molecular Formula: C3Cl2N3NaO3

    Molecular Weight: 219.94600

    PSA: 79.95000

    LogP: -0.44740

    Storage Condition: keep in a cool and dry place

    Production Capacity:10,000kg

    MOQ: 1kg

    Packaging: 1kg/Foil Bag, 25kg cardoard durm

    Transportation : By Sea or by Air(DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX/EMS)

    Port: Tianjin, Shanghai or as your requirement

    Delivery Time: 5-15 days

    Payment: T/T, Western Union or Bitcoin

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